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*** Exciting, exciting!!! In a few weeks learn to sing and respond to the Divine Liturgy and the meaning of it.

*** Exciting, exciting!!!  In a few weeks learn to sing and respond to

the Divine Liturgy and the meaning of it.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:  Christ is Risen!

Choirs have harmoniously led the people of our church in worship for many centuries, and we have been blessed that our choir has been doing so for the St. Nicholas community for nearly 63 years.  Even now, during this period of quarantine, choir members continue to sing in a way safe for everyone.

Although we cannot at this time all get together in one place to sing, we do have a special announcement, we are planning to do something new: virtual cantor instruction!  This is something that will benefit both current choir members and all those interested in learning to respond to the Divine Liturgy as cantors (which, by the way, can be very different than responding in a choral setting). 

We will do this via teleconference once a week, Wednesdays at 7pm, for around 30-40 minutes. Aside from learning to chant, we will also learn the structure of services and the meaning behind them.  We will be mostly focusing on Divine Liturgy with hopes that every single person who joins in will to learn to chant and respond to the Divine Liturgy in a few weeks.

We will be using the following PDF resource as a guide:

This two-voice setting of the Liturgy in English and Church Slavonic was put together by Dr. Nikola Resanovic and is accompanied by links that provide audio recordings of each of the hymns.  Although it is in two parts, we will be concentrating on the melody (links marked “S Only”) and not the harmony for now.

For this coming Wednesday, try to listen first to the English-language links for the Great Litany and the First Antiphon.

Please be there, and if you have further questions call or text message me at 317-374-3414.


Christ is Risen!

 Fr. Dragan   

 Dylan Remes Jensen - Choir Director


Please call in:  1-605-313-5086

Follow their instructions. 

Access Code: 623905


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