St. George Serbian Orthodox Church
5830 Glenview Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45224, (513)542-4452



Dear brothers and sisters, dear beloved parishioners of St. George Serbian Orthodox Church,

It is a great honor that you have recognized and recommended me to serve as church council president. The position has been held by many far more distinguished and accomplished parishioners than me, and I am hoping that I will be able to reach at least some of their accomplishments. I would like to use this opportunity and say thanks to all of them, especially to Mrs. Mira Lazovic Stratton, Mr. Cedomir Djokovic, Mr . Milan Obradovic, and Mr. Veljko Uverici. Also, I would like to thank Fr. Petar Petrovic for his spiritual guidance and all of his service and determination to preserve our parish. With God’s help, and guidance by our orthodox principles, I am committed to doing my best to serve our community so we can witness many more prosperous years.

Personally, in the upcoming years I pray for the continuous spiritual growth of our community. I believe that with our spiritual growth, the growth of the community will follow as well. In those days we have to do our best to preserve our orthodox beliefs, our tradition, and our orthodox values. I am so happy to see our children attending Sunday school and working diligently with their teachers. My biggest hope is that in the upcoming months we’ll have more kids joining and more parishioners ready to step in to help and transfer their knowledge to our kids. St. John Chrysostom said that “parent’s doings are like books from which their children learn the most.” It is up to us, dear brothers and sisters, to ensure that our kids learn from the books inspired only by harmony and great success.

I also hope that we can create a welcoming parish open to accept all of those who decide to practice Orthodoxy and welcome them back to the one and only Christ church.

Looking back at 2021 I can conclude that this year was one of the most successful years for our parish. We were honored to host His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop Irinej of Eastern America. It was my honor and pleasure to volunteer and to help with preparation for this glorious event. It was a great experience to witness how our community came together and how easily things can be accomplished if we act as one. Moreover, major infrastructure projects like new asphalt and new AC system are also examples of how great things can be achieved easily if we act united around our holly church. I am praying to God to keep us united and on the right path so we can have many more of great events and major projects in the upcoming times.

At the end I want to ask for forgiveness from all of you for all the mistakes I might commit -unintentionally. I am accepting this position with an open heart, and I assure you that I will do my best to meet your expectations, but again I know that there will be some mistakes on my part unintentionally.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments related to the life of our parish. You can find my contact info below.

Your brother in Christ,

Mirko Sebez





-Protopresbyter-Stavrophor Petar Petrovic                                        

1.Mirko Sebez President                                                                              

2.Adam Meador- 1st Vice President                                                                         

3.Mira Stratton -2nd Vice President                                                          

4.Nancy Helbich-Secretary                                                                          

5.Dimitrije Jovic-Treasurer                                                                          

6.Dragan Miljkovic- Financial Secretary                                                 


1.Amber Elizabeth Thomas –Member                                                    

2.Njegos Zubic- Member                                                                             

3.Maria Meyers- Member                                                                                                          

4.Mihail Radu Leca- Member                                                                     

5.Ljubinka Bozic –Member                                                                         

6.Vera Mitic – Member                                                                                


1.Mirko Sebez - President                                                                           

2.Aleksandar Karajic-Member                                                                   

3.Tatjana Oroz – Member                                                                           




1.Michael Aidan Ramey – Member                                                          

2.Luke Rinck –Member                                                                                

3.William Nicholas Thomas                                                                         



  1. Fr.Petar Petrovic –Priest

2.Mirko Sebez –President                                                                           

3.Mira Stratton – 2nd Vice President                                                        


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