St. George Serbian Orthodox Church
5830 Glenview Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45224, (513)542-4452

Свети Ђорђе Србска Православна Црква

Вас позива на

Вечерњу Службу у Недељу Православља

Недеља Март 08, у 5.часова увече


Молимо парохијане да на Вечерњу Службу понесу једну Икону из куће и држе је у рукама за време Вечерње Службе.После молитве, у црквеној сали ће бити послужена посна Вечера.

За време Вечерње службе ће певати Православне Цркве. Ако желите и ви да певате у хору, пожељно је да будете у цркви у 4.часова после подне ради пробе.

Вечерњу Службу ће служити 5 Православних свештеника из локалних Православних Цркава.

Ако нисте у могућности да присуствујете светој Литургији ујутро и Вечерњој Служби увече. молимо вас одаберите да дођете увече у 5.часова.


St. George Serbian Orthodox Church

Cordially invites you to

Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers

Sunday, March 08 at 5 p.m.


The faithful are invited to bring icons to hold during the service. Refreshments to follow in the St. George parish hall. Orthodox Choir under the direction of one of choir directors will perform .To join the choir for Vespers please arrive at 4 p.m. for choir rehearsal.

As the prophets beheld, as the Apostles have taught, as the Church has received, as the teachers have dogmatized, as the universe has agreed, as grace has illumined, as truth has revealed, as falsehood has been dispelled, as wisdom has presented, as Christ has triumphed; this we believe, this we declare, this we preach: Christ our true God, and His saints we honor in words, in writings, in thoughts, in sacrifices, in temples, in icons, on the one hand bowing down and worshipping Christ as God and Master, on the other hand honoring the saints as true servants of the Master of all, and offering to them due veneration. This is the faith of the Apostles! This is the faith of the Father si This is the faith of the Orthodox! This is the faith which has established the Universe!


If you are not able to come for Divine Liturgy and Vesper Service, please choose to come for Vespers at 5:00 p.m.

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